Divorce can be difficult for Michigan couples, and it can be even more difficult when it becomes acrimonious. However, there are ways to keep the divorce process civil even when emotions and conflicts are high. One key is choosing the appropriate time and place to express those emotions.

Above all, parents should avoid saying negative things about the other spouse in front of their children. Instead, people should turn to friends and family for support, or they should seek counseling from professionals. This does not necessarily have to be a therapist. Some people might want to get counseling from a clergy member while others may want to look into support groups.

It is important that when it is necessary to communicate about certain things, both individuals stay focused on that thing and avoid getting sidetracked. This can be difficult, and some people may be tempted to try to sabotage the process to get revenge on the other person. However, this only makes the divorce harder in the long run. People may also find themselves falling into old arguments. They should remember to stay focused on the problems they need to resolve in the divorce instead of rehashing the past. Finally, people may want to hire an attorney. Lawyers can handle all communication if necessary.

Couples who have children will generally need to continue communicating after divorce, and they may want to include guidelines for this in the parenting plan. For example, there are tools that are designed specifically to help divorced parents communicate about custody and visitation. Attorneys can help in creating the parenting plan as well as determining a schedule for custody and visitation and a plan for property division. It is often possible to negotiate an agreement outside of court instead of going to litigation.