Can child custody orders ever be changed?

Child custody matters can be contentious and painful for Michigan parents to work through. When one parent refuses to negotiate or establishes unworkable expectations, it can feel as though decisions regarding where a child will live and how decisions will be made about them will never be made. Fortunately, parents caught in difficult child custody […]

A child’s best interests are key in a Michigan child custody case

Michigan couples who have decided to end a marriage will have much to consider as they move forward with a divorce. If they have children, child custody, child support and parenting time will come to the forefront. People will have their own goals and desires, but it is imperative to bear in mind that the […]

Protecting the parental rights of fathers

The care and custody of children is an important part of what courts assess and determine when they are confronted with family law matters. In Michigan, custody and visitation issues may arise during divorces or when unmarried parents choose to live separately. When these significant issues are under consideration, the best interests of the children […]

Protecting your children during divorce

Divorce is painful for everyone involved, but especially for the children. Often, divorce turns out to be the right decision when there are fundamental issues between a couple that can’t be resolved. And where there is domestic violence, divorce may be the inevitable and best outcome. But how divorce is handled, and how much communication […]

How child custody is determined in Michigan

How child custody is determined is important for divorcing parents to understand. Knowing how child custody is determined can help parents anticipate the process so they can work to develop a child custody arrangement that is best for their child. Child custody factors Child custody is based on a determination of what is in the […]

How do courts determine a child’s best interests?

Divorce is hard on adults and children alike. When a family splits due to the end of the marital relationship between two parents, everyone in the household can feel the burden of the event. However, when children are involved in Michigan divorces, courts look to protect them by determining their best interests for child custody […]

How can I protect my kids after domestic violence?

Many parents in the Detroit area get out of difficult relationship precisely because their partner is abusive either toward them or toward the children. For this reason, these parents are willing to fight hard to keep the other parent from having access to the children. Having ongoing contact with a perpetrator is not only dangerous […]

When one parent interferes with a custody agreement

When a custody order has been entered by a Michigan court, it has the force of law. One parent cannot interfere with the custody order or the co-parenting plan established in that document. One needs to be vigilant and act to protect themselves if the other parent chooses to try to sabotage the co-parenting plan. […]

A parent’s rights and obligations after a divorce

Generally speaking, divorced parents in Michigan are allowed to take an active role in their children’s lives. Noncustodial parents are typically required to provide financially for their sons or daughters regardless of how much time they actually spend with them. A custody or visitation order is based on what is in the child’s best interest, […]

How to talk about divorce with a child

Parents in Michigan who are preparing for a divorce know that separation is not easy on children. Children are likely to have questions about the divorce, and they may be resistant to splitting their time between two households. Parents should encourage their kids to express themselves and be patient as their kids adapt to a […]