Divorce Diaries – I Think Those Tree Huggers Are On To Something!

I just returned from a 10 day trip to Utah. That trip included mountains, five-hour hikes, back country bike rides, and small, old-town streets. There was no need for make-up, I didn’t wear heels, and my daily outfits consisted of workout shorts and a tank top. The cell phone reception was almost nonexistent, which created […]

Surrender – What does this really mean?

Surrender, to me, meant to give in, to be weak. You surrender when you’ve exhausted all your options and you’ve failed; game over. To surrender meant that the other person, the one you’re fighting against, won the battle. Frankly speaking, losing was not an option for me. Then recently, I experienced something that changed my […]

Call me Oprah

There’s something magical about receiving a gift. Perhaps it’s the gift itself, or the excitement in unwrapping the mystery, maybe even the heartfelt appreciation for the gift giver. Ending the 2014 year and celebrating the holiday season, I received one of the best gifts EVER! This gift is one that continues to give each and […]