Divorce Diaries – I Think Those Tree Huggers Are On To Something!

I just returned from a 10 day trip to Utah. That trip included mountains, five-hour hikes, back country bike rides, and small, old-town streets. There was no need for make-up, I didn’t wear heels, and my daily outfits consisted of workout shorts and a tank top. The cell phone reception was almost nonexistent, which created […]

When one parent interferes with a custody agreement

When a custody order has been entered by a Michigan court, it has the force of law. One parent cannot interfere with the custody order or the co-parenting plan established in that document. One needs to be vigilant and act to protect themselves if the other parent chooses to try to sabotage the co-parenting plan. […]

A parent’s rights and obligations after a divorce

Generally speaking, divorced parents in Michigan are allowed to take an active role in their children’s lives. Noncustodial parents are typically required to provide financially for their sons or daughters regardless of how much time they actually spend with them. A custody or visitation order is based on what is in the child’s best interest, […]

How to talk about divorce with a child

Parents in Michigan who are preparing for a divorce know that separation is not easy on children. Children are likely to have questions about the divorce, and they may be resistant to splitting their time between two households. Parents should encourage their kids to express themselves and be patient as their kids adapt to a […]

Maintaining custody orders when parents move

When they can’t find a job in Michigan or there are issues with finding safe housing, some parents might think that moving to another state would be the answer. However, when parents share custody of a child, moving to a different state can be tricky if it’s not handled by an attorney or by the […]

Divorce can affect job performance

When someone is going through a divorce, the stress of the divorce overtakes nearly every aspect of their lives. They may have some difficulty with their Michigan employer because their job performance is one thing that can suffer. An employee needs to be transparent to an extent with their supervisor about what is occurring in […]