When a custody order has been entered by a Michigan court, it has the force of law. One parent cannot interfere with the custody order or the co-parenting plan established in that document. One needs to be vigilant and act to protect themselves if the other parent chooses to try to sabotage the co-parenting plan.

One should plan ahead and foresee the possibility that interference could happen. They should commit the language of the divorce agreement to memory and document any instance in which the other parents do not observe the court order. They need to think defensively and try to communicate with the other spouse in order to establish a record for the court. An email should show the judge that one has concerns about the other parent’s lack of compliance with the court order.

Even if one is reluctant to fight in court, they need to strengthen themselves and prepare for battle. When one parent is intent on obstructing and making life difficult, sometimes a custody hearing is the only way to put a stop to it. However, before it gets to that point, one should at least try to make a civil and friendly approach to their ex-spouse to resolve the issue. Their attorney can send the harsher communications meant to establish a record for purposes of a court proceeding.

If this custody situation is making co-parenting impossible, there may be no choice but to use every legal means available to end it. This means enlisting the help of a child custody lawyer. The attorney can communicate with the other parent or their attorney if they have one. If all else, fails, the attorney may either file a motion for contempt of court or to amend the custody agreement to prevent this from happening in the future.