Divorce Diaries - I Think Those Tree Huggers Are On To Something!

Divorce Diaries - I Think Those Tree Huggers Are On To Something!

I just returned from a 10 day trip to Utah. That trip included mountains, five-hour hikes, back country bike rides, and small, old-town streets. There was no need for make-up, I didn’t wear heels, and my daily outfits consisted of workout shorts and a tank top. The cell phone reception was almost nonexistent, which created a total and complete disconnect from my daily life. It appeared that I had to be forced out of my daily routine in order to truly appreciate my surroundings. I felt a rebirth, as if all my senses were suddenly turned on! I could see the colors on Mother Nature’s canvas. I could hear the sounds of life from the bird’s chirping and the wind whistling between the trees. I could smell the earth’s perfume from the eternal rows of pine trees. I could feel the land beneath my feet, whether the stones covering the Narrow’s floor, or the dirt lining the curving trail up Angels Landing. I could taste the fruits grown from our farms, organic, clean, and unprocessed. I was aware that my outer self was slowly melting away to leave me with my true self, my spiritual being. The habit of constantly checking my emails, sending text messages that weren’t urgent, worrying about the perpetual to do list, and stressing about how things would get done back at home without my constant involvement, that thick sticky all-consuming layer that wraps around us like an invisible cocoon and forces us into our own isolation, creates the misconceived notion that everything revolves around us.

Once that cocoon was removed, I had no choice but to become one with my surroundings. I was no longer the ballsy attorney, thinking about strategy and how to tell the story to the Court; I was no longer the parent worrying about college applications and which school would be best for my son. Nope. I was simply one of life’s living creatures, raw and naked of manmade “issues”, part of a larger system created by an entity than no one could control. In that space, I was able to capture what I had temporarily lost — perspective.

We all have worries, anxieties, and decisions on a daily basis to experience, process, and then work through. “Life” doesn’t stop to allow us to catch our breath. It’s so easy to lose our footing and fall back into the stream of endless to do’s, and have emotions of more colors than a rainbow. It’s our personal responsibility, and the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, to keep perspective and to remember that the world is much larger than our own daily stresses. We should remember that our existence is part of something bigger—something beautiful, peaceful, and of nature’s own recipe. Realizing that our individual experiences, while significant and very real, are truly just a small piece of who we are it is so freeing, comforting, and assuring that simple and obvious awareness creates confidence, security, and happiness.

When life’s stream feels like a rapid, remember to keep at least one foot rooted. You’ll be surprised with the inner strength, clarity, and self-control you feel and need.

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