Sudden Impact: Making Adjustments To The World of Law In COVID-19 Era

Reprinted from, April 20, 2020, Detroit Legal News Publishing, LLC Ever since Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declared her “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order last month – an order that has since been extended until the end of April – due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s had an effect on all businesses. And the legal […]

What does A Marriage Story get right about divorce?

Even if you haven’t seen A Marriage Story, you may have heard about it. Especially if you’re thinking about getting a divorce. And you may have wondered about the film’s portrayal of divorce and divorce attorneys. For example, you might wonder: Are divorce attorneys really such “bad guys” as the movie makes them out to […]

Why it’s more important than ever to challenge bad prenups

It used to be that “prenup” was a dirty word. It was largely taboo to think a marriage may not last forever. And the people who went ahead and used them anyway all seemed to be the extraordinarily rich. Times have changed. Societal views on marriage and divorce have shifted. The laws for divorce have […]

Six financial tips for your life after divorce

People who get divorced commonly take a hit to their standard of living. This is largely because you’re splitting the income and shared expenses of a single household. Suddenly, you’ve got the same total income, but you’ve got twice as many people who need to pay for housing, health care and everything else you used […]

How to help your child recover after your divorce

Parents are often reluctant to file for divorce. Even when they know their marriages aren’t working, many worry how the divorce might affect their kids. But is that a good reason to stay in a bad marriage? The truth is that divorce can be hard on kids. But it’s also hard on you. Just as […]

Here’s how divorce is different in cases of domestic abuse

When you fear your spouse more than you love him, something needs to change. You may need to file for divorce. But in cases of domestic abuse, this is rarely an easy step. Divorce is never easy, but domestic abuse can make it even harder. If you’re thinking about ending an abusive marriage, you want […]

Who gets the kids?

Divorce means the end of your marriage. It shouldn’t mean the end of your role as a parent. You want to preserve as much of your time with your children as possible. To make important decisions about their upbringing. To help them understand right from wrong. To laugh with them. To help them grow. When […]

How can a QDRO help secure your future?

Worrying about your financial future is a natural feeling as you head into divorce. It’s been said that nobody “wins” when the final property judgment is handed down. While marital property division over assets such as real estate and investments are always a concern, if you are divorcing later in life, the more likely it […]

Five times divorce mediation is a bad idea

If you do any amount of research for your divorce, you are likely to stumble across the idea of mediation. And everyone who wants you to pursue mediation will praise its advantages. It offers you more creativity! More control! It can save money! Given what you know of your marriage, you may wonder: Is this […]

Managing emotions in a divorce

Divorce can be difficult for Michigan couples, and it can be even more difficult when it becomes acrimonious. However, there are ways to keep the divorce process civil even when emotions and conflicts are high. One key is choosing the appropriate time and place to express those emotions. Above all, parents should avoid saying negative […]