The potential downsides of divorce litigation

If possible, you may want to strive to settle your divorce outside of court. This is because a trial can take up to a year or more to resolve, and a Michigan judge may not necessarily craft a divorce decree that meets your short or long-term needs. Trials can be expensive There is a good […]

How can I protect my kids after domestic violence?

Many parents in the Detroit area get out of difficult relationship precisely because their partner is abusive either toward them or toward the children. For this reason, these parents are willing to fight hard to keep the other parent from having access to the children. Having ongoing contact with a perpetrator is not only dangerous […]

What a QDRO establishes during divorce

As Michigan couples negotiate divorce settlements, they might include a QDRO as part of their property division. QDRO stands for qualified domestic relations order, and it establishes that a person can receive payments from their ex-spouse’s retirement plan. However, there are stipulations attached to a QDRO. The domestic relations order must be issued by a […]

Prenuptial agreements are not always enforceable

The equitable distribution laws in Michigan require marital estates to be divided fairly in divorce cases, but couples who plan ahead can avoid contentious property division negotiations or unpredictable court rulings by entering into prenuptial agreements. These documents, which are sometimes referred to as premarital or antenuptial agreements, are legal in Michigan, but they can […]