Violence Cannot Be Tolerated

No Excuse – No Matter How Bad The Relationship Has Become

You deserve safety. You deserve a partner that you trust. You deserve a healthy environment and loving commitment.You can’t wait any longer for it to get better. It won’t. A restraining order can be the first step toward self-protection.There is often more than one victim of domestic violence. You must protect yourself. Protect your children. Don’t let yourself be further victimized by the legal process because if you don’t stand up for yourself, no one will. Let us help you find your strength and regain your power.​

Annette Benson Law in Bingham Farms is committed to helping you find a way out. Taking legal action against your abuser can be risky, so we will educate you on precautions to take in addition to a protective order.

You Deserve A Bright, Secure Future

The legal team at Annette Benson Law will be a steadfast advocate for your freedom every step of the way. Our team knows how to battle against the lies that abusers tell and the perceptions they try to create. We aren’t scared; we’re ready to take it on. You can trust that we will provide compassionate counsel and effective representation.

Start Your Journey Toward Protecting Yourself And Your Family Today.

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Let’s start protecting your rights. The courtroom is our playground where we release our passion and advocacy for our clients.