Maintaining custody orders when parents move

When they can’t find a job in Michigan or there are issues with finding safe housing, some parents might think that moving to another state would be the answer. However, when parents share custody of a child, moving to a different state can be tricky if it’s not handled by an attorney or by the […]

How parental alienation can affect child custody

Parental alienation can be devastating for a divorced parent in Michigan. It can lead to their child deciding to no longer live with or visit them. To understand and combat parental alienation, it can be helpful to understand its roots. In a case of parental alienation, one parent manipulates the child until the child turns […]

What does A Marriage Story get right about divorce?

Even if you haven’t seen A Marriage Story, you may have heard about it. Especially if you’re thinking about getting a divorce. And you may have wondered about the film’s portrayal of divorce and divorce attorneys. For example, you might wonder: Are divorce attorneys really such “bad guys” as the movie makes them out to […]

How to help your child recover after your divorce

Parents are often reluctant to file for divorce. Even when they know their marriages aren’t working, many worry how the divorce might affect their kids. But is that a good reason to stay in a bad marriage? The truth is that divorce can be hard on kids. But it’s also hard on you. Just as […]

Who gets the kids?

Divorce means the end of your marriage. It shouldn’t mean the end of your role as a parent. You want to preserve as much of your time with your children as possible. To make important decisions about their upbringing. To help them understand right from wrong. To laugh with them. To help them grow. When […]