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annette_17Annette Benson, Founder of Annette Benson Law

Annette Benson has been practicing exclusively in family law for over 20 years. While in law school, she worked for a family law attorney and also gained invaluable experience clerking for a judge. She perfected the art of effective communication: know your audience and know how to frame information to achieve the desired results. Annette is never intimidated in the courtroom. In fact, it is where she is most comfortable to exude the passion and conviction needed to advocate for her valued clients.

Other attorneys know that Annette is a force to be reckoned with. She was voted Top Divorce Attorney in Michigan by readers of the Detroit Jewish News in 2013. Annette has also been recognized and profiled in numerous publications for her unique style, close relationships with her clients, strong conviction for what’s right, and adhering to the ethics of the legal profession as well as her personal moral compass.

Annette has developed a superb network of professionals to help clients navigate all aspects of their family law cases, including reputable therapists, accountants, private investigators, and others. She is focused on all of her clients’ needs, and takes a holistic approach to address them. Annette recognizes that dealing with divorce, custody and other family law issues is a profoundly challenging and emotional experience which requires a strong client/attorney relationship that provides comfort and confidence.

Annette graduated from University of Detroit Mercy Law School in 1993. She is a member of the Oakland County Bar Association, Wayne County Bar Association, the State Bar of Michigan, Women Lawyers Association of Michigan and Michigan Inter-Professional Association.

Her philosophy is that knowledge is power, and it is our individual responsibility to continue to learn and grow.


Alicia Champine, Associate Attorney

Alicia’s interest in practicing family law began while attending Thomas M. Cooley Law School while she clerked for the Friend of the Court. Witnessing the immediate connection between the application of law and the impact on the individual, personalized the practice of law and reinforced the reality that one person does indeed make a difference! Alicia began an internship with Annette Benson’s office where she spent several years observing, learning, and integrating the style, approach, and tool of practicing family law unique to Annette Benson Law.

Alicia joined the Annette Benson Law team as an associate attorney in 2014. Together, Alicia and Annette work side by side building the attorney client relationship, founded on mutual respect, knowledge and confidence. While their approach is pragmatic in educating their clients as to the legal process, they also realize the importance of their client’s emotional state, and they provide the compassion and guidance needed. Alicia and Annette work together representing each client, and that team dynamic supports their ability to develop the most effective strategies to secure the desired results.

Alicia is a member of the Oakland County Bar Association, the Wayne County Bar Association, the Michigan State Bar and Michigan Inter Professional Association.

Alicia’s philosophy is knowledge and experience builds confidence and control.

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