BFL_missionYou’re stepping into a new arena with different rules. Uncertain players. Where everything is on the line.

This is no game. THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

You want an attorney with experience and expertise. Who aggressively advocates for you. Who doesn’t back down.

You need an attorney who hears you and tells you the truth. An attorney who is honest, compassionate, assertive, and no nonsense.

You need Annette Benson Law in your corner.

Just ask our clients. They say it best.

“My divorce was uglier than I ever anticipated. My ex-husband pretended to be cooperative and kind in front of the Judge, but at home, he was nasty and manipulative and I was petrified! I trusted Annette would be my best advocate in the courtroom, as her reputation speaks for itself. What I didn’t expect was her total understanding of the bs I was dealing with at home. It was like she knew my husband, and anticipated his every move! She gave me advice on how to act, what to say and not say and sure enough, I gained control over the game playing and was able to shut it down. Annette’s help was more than securing my finances, she helped me find the confidence to believe in myself and move forward with direction rather than in fear. I am grateful for her insight, compassion, and direct approach – without it, I think I’d still be hiding in my own skin”.

“Annette reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil! She’s small, always in motion and managed so many aspects of my case at one time! It was difficult at times to keep up with her, but I soon realized that there’s always a method and strategy that gets the results. Annette is one tough cookie and that’s exactly what I needed”.

“I consulted with a few attorneys about seeking custody of my two girls. Neither attorney I met with sounded optimistic but were of course willing to take my money and try. When I met with Annette, I was surprised at the direction our conversation went – she asked me questions no other attorney had asked before. She looked at the big picture and came up with a strategy that worked! I’m thankful to have my girls with me full time and I’m grateful for Annette’s creative thinking, courtroom control and ultimate success”.

“As a man, I was initially hesitant to have a female attorney represent me in my divorce. After meeting with Amy, I was pleasantly surprised with her vast knowledge of the intricacies of my business and strategy to protect my future. Amy anticipated my wife’s every move and she was prepared and in control at all times. While always professional, Amy was able to put my wife and her attorney in their place which saved a lot of time and money! I recommend Amy to my friends and colleagues who are facing divorce – she was assertive while professional and gained my complete trust”.

“I worked with both Amy and Annette on my custody case. They helped me understand the court process and guided me through it as an active participant. They helped me to help myself and as a team, I felt empowered for the first time in a long time. They took the time to educate me on all of my options, explaining different scenarios that were possible along the way. Their relentless commitment and constant attention paid off in the end. My children are doing well and my relationship with my ex-husband is now functional. I no longer feel like the victim and therefore, I am able to be the parent I need to be. I feel like Amy and Annette genuinely care about me and my children and they helped me both inside and outside the courtroom”.

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